“Through Her Eyes: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Canine Struggling to Raise Her Head”

On the morning of January 15th, ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received a report about a dog in distress. The staff was shocked when they arrived on the scene and saw the poor condition of the animal. A kind lady had found the dog on her way to work, and it appeared to have been abandoned for some time. The dog was unable to stand up, eat, or communicate effectively.

The compassionate woman was unable to give the frail dog a ride to her workplace, but she did manage to capture some pictures and film a brief video which she subsequently sent to ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos. Before departing, she wrapped the canine up in her own blanket. The dog wagged its tail, as if imploring her not to abandon him. A rescue team arrived as quickly as possible, as the dog was in considerable distress and completely parched.

A blood test was conducted to determine whether or not he has symptoms of a particular condition. Since he was unable to consume sufficient food, a blood transfusion is necessary.

The courageous young lad managed to put on an additional 4 pounds within a short span of time, but he still faced difficulty in standing and walking with ease. A moniker was given to her – Dega, and on the seventh day, she began developing an appetite.

Dega’s leg had become significantly stronger after a span of three weeks, but it remained slim and wasn’t functioning properly while running.

It has been three months since she was discovered and she has undergone a significant transformation. The moment to reunite with her savior has arrived. Kindly share this information with your loved ones.

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