“The Triumph of a Resilient Pet: A Story of Overcoming Neglectful Owners”

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Harold’s origin story is a heartbreaking one, as he was born into a neighborhood pup mill that kept mother dogs in cramped cages and produced countless puppies for profit. These poor animals are highly susceptible to serious health issues like heart and kidney disease, deafness, blood diseases, and even lifelong paralysis due to the overbreeding. Harold himself was sold to an unsuspecting buyer for a whopping $7,000 just minutes after taking his first breath. Although his new owner did their best to care for him, Harold eventually lost the use of his hind legs due to the spinal curvature caused by his overbreeding. This condition, similar to scoliosis, left him with no feeling in his hindquarters. Fortunately, his owner recognized that Harold needed more specialized care than they could provide and surrendered him to the Dallas DoggRRR rescue organization. After being rushed to the animal hospital, it was discovered that Harold had ulcers, strictures, enlarged lymph nodes, and elevated liver levels, among other issues. Despite all of these challenges, Harold has become a beloved resident of Dallas DoggRRR and even serves as the organization’s official mascot and social media ambassador.

Although he is a true fighter, it breaks our hearts to witness him in such excruciating pain. As a team, we are doing everything in our power to assist Harold. Let’s show him some love and send him prayers! Don’t just scroll past without taking a moment to uplift him.

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