“The Purrfect Companion: A Huge Feline Friend Who Stands Tall with My 4-Year-Old”

This enormous feline is a master of scaling any obstacle! Yuliya Minina, a resident of Stary Oskol, Russia, firmly believes that her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Kefir, is the largest cat in existence. She loves sharing photos and videos showcasing Kefir’s remarkable size on both Instagram and TikTok. One video, which has garnered over 2,000 likes on her Instagram page, shows Kefir standing on his hind legs to open a door handle before going outside to relax in the grass like a gigantic caterpillar. He then proceeds to take up half of a reclining chair and climb a tree. Fans of cats can’t resist stopping by and leaving a comment on this awe-inspiring content!

Cat stands on his hind legs next to 4-year-old girl.

This kitty is quite a tall one, almost matching the height of a four-year-old little girl.

Yuliya Minina poses with her cat Kefir as he sits in the window.

Introducing Kefir – a stunning Maine Coon kitty!

Kefir wears sunglasses and a black shirt as he sits behind the wheel of a car.

Kefir has some big aspirations to become the biggest cat in the world, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post from @yuliyamnn. The picture showcases Kefir in all their glory, and it’s clear that this feline is truly stunning!





Someone expressed their excitement by shouting “Wow!”, while another individual referred to Kefir as being clever. Minina had posted a video on her Instagram account a year ago, featuring Kefir who was as big as her 4-year-old child while assisting her in the kitchen.

Meet Kefir, an enormous cat who has captured the hearts of many due to his striking resemblance with the famous creamy milk drink. While there is no official update on Kefir’s current size, the feline made headlines back in 2022 when he was only two years old and weighed an astounding 28 pounds. To put things into perspective, this weight exceeds that of an average Maine Coon or even a toddler! Typically, male Maine Coons weigh around 18 pounds while females weigh approximately 12 pounds. These majestic creatures can reach up to three feet in length, from their head to their tail.

According to Minina in 2022, she was impressed by the fact that Kefir, who appeared to be an ordinary kitten, could develop into a massive cat. She also pointed out that Maine Coons have the potential to continue growing for up to 3-4 years, implying that Kefir may still be maturing and may eventually become even larger.

Kefir takes a mirror selfie.

Kefir exhibits characteristics similar to those of humans.

Kefir sits in a chair and wears big headphones.

The individual who owns Kefir has a great interest in capturing the cute moments of their beloved pet and showcasing them on their social media profile. They regularly upload images of their furry companion for their audience to appreciate.

Kefir stands on his hind legs against a cabinet with cat food on top.

Minina’s cute feline companion, Kefir, has a special talent of standing on his hind legs and effortlessly reaching for objects. His playful demeanor and gentle nature often lead people to mistake him for a dog. Although Kefir’s appearance may seem intimidating, he’s actually an affectionate and humble pet who has grown into a smart and sizable cat. However, due to his substantial size, Minina finds it challenging to have cat naps with him as he likes to climb on her and sleep at night. While it was not problematic when he was a kitten, it has become uncomfortable for Minina to sleep in that position now that he is more massive. Feel free to share your thoughts on Kefir in the comments section.

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