The Midnight Abandonment: A Tale of Survival, Redemption, and New Beginnings After Neglect and Starvation

Shepherd the puppy had quite the harrowing experience when he was abandoned and left to die in a ditch on Okie Street, NE in Washington, DC. Fortunately, the Humane Rescue Alliance received a call about the poor pup’s predicament and rushed to his aid. When they found him, the nine-month-old puppy was in a woeful state, weighing a measly 15 pounds instead of the expected 25-30 pounds. He was also suffering from mange and a secondary skin infection that made it impossible for him to walk or lift his head. Without hesitation, the Humane Rescue Alliance took him to an emergency animal hospital where he could receive the necessary care and attention to help him get better.

After staying at the Vet clinic for three days, Shepherd was transferred to a foster home run by experienced caregivers who showered him with the love and care he needed to recover. Although he appeared despondent and frail during his initial days with them, their affectionate treatment gradually started showing positive results on him. Within a week’s time, Shepherd stood up unaided and even took a few steps on his own. The once sickly puppy was now transformed into a cheerful and playful one who enjoyed chasing his tail, going for walks, relishing his favorite treats, and frolicking with his furry siblings.

After a long wait of one year since his rescue, Shepherd has finally found his forever home and has been rechristened as Tig. He is now enjoying every bit of his life, receiving immense love and affection from his new family. Tig is an extremely affectionate and playful dog, and loves to spend time with his older siblings. He always wants to be near his family, and is a true cuddlebug.

The journey of a shepherd is a great reminder of the significance of animal rescue organizations like the Humane Rescue Alliance, which relentlessly strive to save the lives of animals that are deserted and uncared for. The story of Tig also showcases the astounding revival that can happen when an abandoned animal is given the care and affection it requires to prosper. Don’t forget to show your support for this cause by liking and sharing this story with your loved ones!

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