The Heartwarming Tale of How We Helped a Dog Beat the Odds Against a Giant Tumor.

Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in New Mexico recently took in a dog that was left at a shelter where dogs are euthanized. The staff was shocked when they saw the dog’s enormous tumor. Although the rescue has seen many sad cases before, this one was particularly heart-wrenching.

The Weimaraner, who was rescued, had a tumor that was so large and heavy that it made it difficult for him to move around. His rescuers named him Gilbert Grape. It’s unclear how he managed to survive for so long without any medical attention.

He was given medication in the form of painkillers, anti-biotics, and an IV catheter to alleviate his discomfort. In addition, the medical team conducted an ultrasound and tested his blood and urine. As his condition worsened, he needed a blood transfusion. Upon his arrival, the veterinarians were informed about the tumor and were consulted for further treatment options.

The decision was a difficult one for Tickled Pink. They didn’t want to prolong Gilbert’s suffering by waiting, so they had to choose between performing surgery or putting him down humanely. Thanks to the charitable efforts of the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue, they were able to raise £4,300 for Gilbert’s life-saving surgery. A year after the 12lb benign tumor was removed, Gilbert is now thriving with his new owner Scott Roberts. It took some time for him to bounce back, as he had lost a significant amount of muscle trying to compensate for the tumor’s size.

In the area, there is a scheme in place that permits nationally recognized rescues to take in animals with a medical clearance. However, if an animal is found roaming, the shelter policy is to keep it for 72 hours without screening to allow the owner a chance to reclaim it. Gilbert underwent a transformation after his tumor removal operation, with blood transfusions and IV catheters used to save his life. He also underwent several months of physical therapy to recover lost muscle mass. Eventually, Scott adopted this brave grey dog and provided him a home to move on with his life. It is worth noting that Gilbert’s rescue occurred in 2013 and Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue has continued its stellar work rescuing dogs with unique needs, including those who are terminally ill or like Gilbert, in need of assistance.

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