“The Heartbreaking Tale of a Canine’s 6-Year Struggle with a Massive Salivary Tumor Due to Neglectful Owners”

A charming dog is now getting medical attention after his former owners neglected to address his enormous salivary tumor for a remarkable six years. Jake was cherished by his previous family, but regrettably, they failed to seek treatment when his face started to swell, as per the Long Way Home rescue group.

The owners of Jake, a well-behaved and trained indoor dog, have reported that he has been suffering from a salivary tumor for six long years. They suspected that it was caused by a snake bite. Despite his health condition, Jake gets along well with other dogs, knows how to shake, and is toilet trained. This information was shared by the organization.

Cribs for Canines has been actively persuading Jake’s family to relinquish ownership of him ever since he was found wandering in a secluded area of Texas last week. The organization’s efforts have paid off, and Jake is now receiving the necessary veterinary care in Waco. Fortunately, he has already experienced significant relief after doctors drained a vast amount of fluid from his neck. We are immensely grateful to the exceptional staff at Texas Animal Medical Center led by Dr. Lide and his colleagues, who are providing Jake with the best possible treatment. You only need to take a look at the before-and-after images to realize what a difference it has made!

After six long years, Jake finally managed to turn his head, which was a great accomplishment for him. Thankfully, he is doing well in terms of eating, pooping, and overall good spirits. Although there is no guarantee that he will completely recover, his rescuers are working hard to give him the best possible chance. You can follow their efforts on Facebook by clicking on the provided link.

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