The Endearing Kitten with a Missing Ear Who Won Us Over with His Playful Hops and Friendly Waves

The little feline wandered around the animal shelter, happily greeting everyone he crossed paths with by waving his one ear. He eagerly hoped that someone would spot him and take him home.

Upon his arrival at The Alaska Humane Society, a 9-month-old kitten named Hopper was filled with energy and eager to receive love, as his previous family could not care for him any longer. After receiving essential medical attention, including neutering, Hopper was escorted to the recovery room to rest. However, Hopper had bigger plans in mind – he was determined to find the perfect family for himself. Even though he had an ear deformity due to an old injury, the vet assured that it did not seem to bother Hopper at all. In fact, Hopper proudly wears it, adding character to his already adorable face. As soon as he woke up from his nap, Hopper stood up on his hind legs and tried to grab attention from anyone passing by.

Shannon Basner, the individual behind Alaska’s KAAATs, describes Hopper as a delightful feline with a lively disposition, elegance, and an endearing character. Although he loves to play, his main objective is to show and receive affection. Hopper effortlessly won the hearts of the shelter’s team and helpers because of his outgoing personality and unceasing desire for attention. He is talkative and extremely loving, relishing in human companionship.

At first, it was decided that Hopper needed more time to recuperate before being up for adoption. However, the charming feline had different plans and couldn’t wait any longer. Coincidentally, a couple from Alaska was on the lookout for a new furry friend to call their own. They made an appointment with the shelter to meet Hopper in person, but unfortunately, he was taking a nap in another section of the shelter during their visit.

While perusing the cats up for adoption, a certain kitty caught their eye. This feline had only one ear but was incredibly fond of attention. After hearing about this exceptional cat from Arleen, a volunteer at the shelter, they decided to take a look. When they visited the back area, Hopper, as the cat was named, immediately showed an affectionate interest in them, and they knew it was a match made in heaven. Shannon disclosed to Love Meow that Hopper had unmistakably communicated that they were ideal for each other.

As soon as the couple walked into the room, Hopper leaped up on his hind legs and vigorously waved his paws. His aim was to capture their notice and secure attention from them; he wasn’t going to settle for anything less. The couple couldn’t resist Hopper’s striking characteristics of one ear and big, innocent eyes, which made him all the more charming. When Hopper extended his paws towards them, they knew right away that they had found their ideal furry companion.

According to Love Meow, Shannon shared her excitement about Hopper and how his adorable little paws melted their hearts instantly. It wasn’t just a one-way street as Hopper also felt at ease with his new owner and didn’t need to be put on display for adoption, which was a delightful surprise for all involved.

The couple went to the animal shelter expecting to meet various cats, but they were pleasantly surprised when a delightful feline with just one ear chose them. They felt an immediate connection and knew that they had found their new furry friend. “Hopper will now start a new chapter of his life with his loving forever family.”

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