Surviving for Her Pups: The Struggle of a Mother Dog with a Painful Abscess on Her Neck

A street dog was struggling to take care of her puppies while dealing with a severe infection that caused a big lump on her neck. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to help, and upon examination, they discovered that the lump was actually a massive abscess filled with pus under the skin around her throat.

According to them, she appeared extremely thin and tired, struggling with fatigue as her immune system fought against the terrible illness while looking after small pups.

The lady was taken to our medical facility where we carefully removed the pus from her eyes. She seemed to have faith in us and trusted our expertise.

Within a few hours of receiving the treatment, she was already consuming food and on the path towards complete recovery.

Introducing Molly, who has undergone spaying and vaccination, and is currently occupied with the responsibility of taking care of her little ones. Thanks to some much-needed rest, she is now able to nurse her puppies once again!

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