“Street Cat Memorialized in Statue as Community Honors Beloved Feline Resident”

Cats have a way of capturing our hearts, even if they are not officially ours. Stray cats can be commonly found in various communities around the world, relying on the goodwill of those who offer them food and shelter to survive. In Istanbul, stray cats are especially prevalent, and have even become an integral part of the city’s culture, as highlighted in the documentary film called Kedi.

In the bustling streets of Turkey, there was a cat that captured everyone’s attention. She had a relaxed demeanor that set her apart from all the other stray cats in the city. Her name was Tombili, which means chubby in Turkish, and she was adored by the community. Her weighty figure and laid-back posture made her the talk of the town. Tombili was a cat who exuded confidence and appeared to have life all figured out. The city ensured that this beloved feline would be remembered for generations to come.

Tombili became an internet sensation after her iconic pose was shared online, and people found her to be very relatable. The cat was a local favorite, often seen lounging around on the sidewalk in Kadiköy without a care in the world. Although Tombili had a good life, she sadly passed away on August 1, 2016. However, her legacy lived on as the citizens of Istanbul decided to honor her by making a statue of her. She will forever be remembered as an icon of the Turkish stray cat community.

Residents who were saddened by the passing of the famous stray cat Tombili, wanted to create a memorial to honor her memory. They started a Change.org petition calling for a statue to be erected in her honor, hoping that she would not be forgotten. The petition was successful and an artist named Seval Şahin stepped up to create the statue. It shows Tombili in her iconic pose and has been placed in her usual spot in the neighborhood. The community hopes that the statue will serve as a reminder of the beloved feline who was the mascot of the area for over a decade and had gained popularity beyond the city of Kadiköy.

On World Animal Protection Day, October 4, a statue was revealed, serving as a poignant reminder for both humans and animals to honor their beloved companions who have passed away. A touching image captures a feline paying its respects to the late icon.

Farewell, dear Tombili! Your memory lives on forever. Spread the love with this touching tale!

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