“Six Years of Suffering: A Giant Dog’s Heartbreaking Story of Neglect and Abandonment”

For six whole years, Angelica and Spud were confined to cramped cages in a family’s home in Virginia. Their days passed them by, seemingly without any hope of a better life. Angelica, with her short fur and large stature, had difficulty moving around or even just turning in the small space allotted to her. Meanwhile, Spud, the mixed-breed terrier, would spin around in circles, clearly affected by the lack of space and stimulation.

Next up, let’s talk about the amazing rescue that took place for two neglected animals. The organization responsible for this remarkable event is called Rescue & RemEMBER, which is based in Virginia. They refer to their mission as building a bridge for shelter pets to cross before they find their forever homes. In a heart-wrenching video, the duo was discovered in a pitiful state – malnourished, dirty, and anxious. When the rescuers unlocked their cages, they bolted for their lives. It was a real-life escape that’ll bring tears to your eyes. These animals finally reunited after six years, during which they had no other company and couldn’t even communicate due to their confinement in separate cells.

The furry little creatures, even if confined to the kitchen of their temporary home, frolic and race around with great enthusiasm, as if they were exploring a whole new world. Rescue & RemEMBER, in collaboration with Knine Rescue, Inc., acted promptly to secure them loving and permanent homes.

The lucky one to get adopted first was Spud. He found his forever home with a loving family who accepted him with open arms. Now, Spud enjoys the comfort of snuggling with his new family. On the other hand, Angelica’s adoption process took more time due to her health condition. She had underdeveloped hind legs, but she never gave up on her treatments and made a remarkable recovery.

Angelica has a fresh perspective on life’s simple pleasures!

Spud and Angelica have overcome their difficult past of being mistreated as children and are now excited about a bright future full of affection and companionship. You can witness their heartwarming journey in the video below, provided by The Dodo.

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