Saying Goodbye to a Loyal Partner in the Battle Against Bone Cancer: A Marine’s Touching Tribute to Their Unbreakable Bond.

Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung, a former U.S. Marine, planned to arrange a special goodbye ceremony for his beloved companion, Cena. This loyal black Labrador served as DeYoung’s battle buddy during their time in Afghanistan and provided him with comfort and warmth during cold, lonely nights. When DeYoung returned to America, Cena continued to be his faithful friend, helping him deal with physical pain and emotional struggles. To honor their special bond, DeYoung decided to bid farewell to Cena in a manner befitting of a Marine.

The veteran held Cena in high regard and wanted to bid farewell in a respectful manner. Cena served as a bomb-sniffer for the Marines, and after retiring in 2014 due to cancer, he became a service dog for Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung.

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