“Saving the Stranded Guard Dog: A Tale of Quick Action and Compassion”

It was a truly sad sight to see a dog that was severely undernourished and too weak to remain standing. The poor animal tried to rest on a heap of ragged clothes, but a tight chain wrapped around its neck stopped her from doing so. As a result, the dog’s head hung limply, adding to the distressing scene.

A canine named Cala was employed as a guard dog by a San Jose mechanic, but her supposed caretaker failed to give her proper nourishment and neglected to seek medical attention when she fell ill. As a result, Cala’s condition deteriorated over time, to the point where merely breathing became an arduous task. Fortunately, concerned neighbors intervened before it was too late, alerting the relevant authorities and reaching out to Territorio de Zaguates, a reputable local haven devoted to the welfare of numerous dogs.

When Lya Battle, the founder of Territorio de Zaguates, came across a picture of Cala, she was filled with sadness and anger. The image showed a dog who had been stripped of her dignity and motivation to live, broken by the horrific conditions she had endured. Thankfully, Cala was rescued by police and sanctuary staff, who took her to a vet for treatment of starvation and wounds caused by a tight chain. Eventually, Cala made her way to Territorio de Zaguates, where she began the journey toward physical and emotional healing.

Cala underwent intense treatments to heal her injuries, specifically the cut caused by enduring the heavy metal chain around her neck for years. Though it was painful, Cala learned that there were positive outcomes and personal growth after experiencing suffering, and she pushed through every step of her recovery process. At first, Cala was cautious around other dogs in the facility, leading Battle to believe that she had never interacted with them or had been taught to view them as competition. As time went on, Cala began to trust not only her fellow canine inhabitants but also the affectionate humans who cared for her.

According to Battle, Cala’s transformation was incredible. The once weak and depressed animal became stronger and more assertive. She even began to incorporate play and silliness into her daily routine. As time went on, her personality continued to emerge, and she went from being terrified of humans to seeking out their attention.

Unfortunately, Cala’s troubles were not over yet. In June, some cruel individuals broke into the sanctuary and left poisoned sausages, which resulted in the deaths of 16 dogs. Cala had unknowingly eaten one of the sausages, but miraculously, she managed to survive.

According to Battle, when they discovered Cala, she was still breathing. It is possible that her resilience and small bite helped her withstand the poison. Despite her previous mistreatment, Cala was eventually saved and went on to overcome long-term neurological issues. Battle believes that there are no coincidences in life, and Cala’s survival is a testament to her indomitable spirit. Despite years of neglect, abuse, starvation, and disease, she persevered and made it through. The humans who came to her aid were just as determined to help her as she was to survive. Although other dogs at the sanctuary were lost, Cala’s survival was a reflection of her tenacity.

Cala is currently being fostered and is thriving under the care and affection she receives. Despite experiencing years of mistreatment and confinement, Cala is slowly leaving her past behind and embracing her playful side, which her foster mother welcomes with open arms. According to Battle, Cala’s mischievous behavior resembles that of a typical puppy, and everyone is happy to see her happy, strong, and slightly stubborn, thanks to the love and spoiling from her foster family.

Having dedicated her life to rescuing dogs and with many more to save, Battle finds Cala’s story incredibly uplifting. It portrays a grand fight between good and evil, hate and love, but love ultimately prevails. This rescue serves as a reminder to keep pushing forward and never give up. Battle feels motivated to continue fighting for the greater good.

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