Roar-some Discoveries: Introducing the Bold ‘Lycan’ Felines from a One-of-a-Kind Breeding Program

Lykoi cats have gained popularity due to their striking similarity to miniature werewolves, characterized by their sparse fur coats and large eyes. These feline creatures are a rare and unique breed that was first established in 2011. They usually sell for around £2,000 per kitten. Despite their wolf-like appearance, Lykoi cats are affectionate towards their owners and require plenty of food due to their high activity levels. Dorota Strychar, from Legnica, Poland, is the first breeder of Lykoi cats in the country and has been breeding these cats since late 2017. She currently has four adult cats and six kittens and has gained a significant online following after sharing pictures of her adorable litters. The name “Lykoi” comes from the Greek word for wolves, which perfectly reflects their active nature and partial hairlessness resulting from a natural genetic mutation in a pair of domestic shorthair cats. This new breed was developed in Tennessee in 2011.

Lykoi cats are famed for being only partially covered in hair and come with a hefty price tag for their werewolf resemblance, at around £2,000 a kitten

The Lykoi feline is gaining popularity because of its distinct look. These cats have sparse hair on their bodies and are often likened to werewolves. However, they come with a hefty price tag of £2,000 per kitten, making them quite expensive.

Lykoi cats were first bred in the US in 201 and were recognised as a breed by The International Cat Association in 2012

Some Lykoi cats have more hair than others, though most have a black coat with a wedge-shaped head

Back in 2011, a new type of cat emerged in the US called Lykoi cats. The International Cat Association acknowledged them as a legitimate breed in 2012, just a year after their creation.

The cats are known for being incredibly active, needing lots of attention - and food - from their owners

Felines are known to be lively creatures and demand a considerable amount of attention and nourishment from their owners.

Dorota Strychar, 36, from Legnica, Poland, says she is the country's only breeder of Lykoi cats. She currently owns four adult cats and six kittens

Introducing Dorota Strychar, a Legnica local at the age of 36. She is happily known as the only breeder of Lykoi cats in Poland. In her furry household, she has four grown cats and six precious kittens.

Their adorable appearance is actually a natural mutation from a pair of domestic shorthair cats that bore a hairless gene. The Lykoi breed is relatively new and was only developed in Tennessee in 2011

The Lykoi cats have a unique and adorable appearance that comes from a genetic mutation that occurred in two domestic shorthair cats. They are a new breed of cats that were first found in Tennessee in 2011.

Many have noted that the cats resemble a slightly furrier version of the sphynx breed

Many individuals have noticed that cats share a strong resemblance to sphynx cats, except for the fact that they possess a bit more hair.

Lykoi cats are not considered a designer breed - which is what happens when two pedigreed breeds are mixed to create a new one - but are instead a natural mutation that emerged in the cat population

Lykoi cats are a unique breed that can’t be classified as designer cats similar to other breeds that are created by crossbreeding two purebred cats. These felines are a result of a natural mutation that occurred in the cat population.

The cats' wiry fur is known to shed from time to time and can even lose their whole coat

The breeding programme that began in 2011 was when the cats were given the name 'Lykoi'

Lykoi felines are known for shedding their coarse hair from time to time. The term ‘Lykoi’ was created during the breeding program that was initiated back in 2011.

The felines are known for being particularly energetic and playful

Felines are known for their spirited personalities and enjoy romping about.

Pictures of Dorota Strychar's cats have racked up thousands of fans from across the world

Dorota Strychar’s cat photos have gained a huge fan base worldwide. She is known for breeding “werewolf” cats and has recently posted pictures of her adorable kittens that look like scary creatures from horror movies. Feel free to share or leave a comment on this article.

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