My 12-Month-Old 24.3lbs Cat Keeps Growing and People Confuse Him for a Lion

It seems like everyone mistakes my cat for a lion, probably because he weighs a whopping 24.3lbs and is only 12 months old. My daughter Tammy and I have taken him in as our own pet, but feeding him is not cheap as he can easily consume £60 worth of dry food each month. Murphy, our Maine Coon, is a whisker away from breaking a world record as he measures 41ins from nose to tail.

The pet cat of a certain family (as seen in the picture) appears to be mistaken for a lion due to its enormous size. The feline is still in its growing phase and is merely a year old.

Sareeta Brewin, along with her 14-year-old daughter Tammy Brewin, are the proud owners of a cat named Murphy from Worcester. The duo claims to spend a considerable amount of money feeding him as he can devour £60 worth of dry food each month. As the cat is quite large, his owner has also purchased an extra-large litter tray to accommodate his massive bulk. Often mistaken for a dog or even a lion, Murphy has been tagged in posts related to big cat sightings across Worcestershire. According to Sareeta, Murphy was only 13 or 14 weeks old when they got him last November, and at that time, he was of the same size as their regular cat, who is much smaller compared to Murphy’s gigantic size now.

Meet Murphy, the Maine Coon cat who tips the scales at 24.3 pounds and measures a remarkable 41 inches from nose to tail. This feline is only a whisker away from breaking the world record for his breed.

Murphy has a bit of work to do if he wants to surpass Stewie, the cat from Nevada who holds the world record with a length of 48.4 inches.

Sareeta, accompanied by her daughter Tammy Brewin and their pets – a gigantic Maine Coon cat named Murphy and two rescued dogs from South Korea named Niko and Konan – discussed the remarkable size of their furry companions. As Maine Coons tend to grow until they reach the age of three, Murphy’s size is still a mystery. Despite knowing that he would be big, Sareeta did not anticipate just how enormous he would become. His size makes other cats seem tiny in comparison, and some people even mistake him for a dog or a wild feline on the loose. Sareeta acknowledged that people frequently comment on his lion-like appearance, but she assures them that he is indeed a very feline-looking cat.

Murphy, the feline in question, has grown so large that its owner has been forced to purchase an oversized litter tray to accommodate its size.

During the previous holiday season, Murphy went on a destructive spree and damaged many decorative lights and iPhone cords belonging to his family. The replacements for these items amounted to a hefty sum of £300.

According to Sareeta, who works as a product manager in the medical devices industry, there is a nickname that they use for a particular individual – Thor. The reason behind this name is that he is perceived as incredibly attractive, but not necessarily the brightest when it comes to intelligence.

According to Sareeta, she frequently gets mistaken for a canine or even a majestic lion. People often share sightings of such creatures across Worcestershire and tag her in those posts mistakenly.

The owner of the dog revealed that his furry friend consumes a 3kg bag of biscuits every month. The owner was relieved that the dog prefers dry biscuits over meat as it would have been quite expensive to maintain his dietary needs otherwise.

According to the mother who has three children, they welcomed a new member named Murphy last November. Murphy is already one year old, but when they got him, he was just around 13 or 14 weeks old and about the same size as their small regular cat.

According to Sareeta, Maine Coons continue to grow for up to three years, leaving the potential size of Murphy, who is already the size of an average dog, unknown.

Sareeta mentioned that she will be closely monitoring his size in the upcoming years to determine if he can exceed the existing record. The picture features Murphy during his kitten days.

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