“Left to Die: Heartless Abandonment of a Weakened Mother in a Creek After Childbirth”

Get to know Olivia! In the afternoon of 7th October 2022, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary received a report about a dog found lying in a creek. The poor pup was incredibly weak and thin. Luckily, the shelter was nearby, so the rescue volunteers quickly headed to the location to check on the situation. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the little dog had recently given birth and was in dire need of medical attention. The animal was literally starving to death and required immediate rescue.

Upon arrival, the sight before them was disheartening. A female canine, extremely emaciated and feeble, was unable to move on her own.

Even hours after being rescued, she remained very frightened. Regrettably, testing revealed that she has heartworm and low levels of platelets and red blood cells.

Let’s all send some positive vibes and well wishes to Olivia as she undergoes a 14-day isolation period to ensure she’s free of rabies. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

It would be great if we could spread the word about her story and hopefully, she can find a loving and caring family to adopt her.

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