How a Feline Adapted to Walking Like a T. Rex – The Incredible Tale of Overcoming Adversity

The owner of Able hopes that her adorable two-legged cat will inspire others. Despite losing his front legs and tail due to electrocution, Able is not letting it hold him back from living his life to the fullest. Currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand, Able continues to spread joy and hope to those around him.

Reportedly, the owner of AbleMaew shared with BuzzFeed News that the feline was chasing after a bird on the rooftop of an apartment when it accidentally touched an electrical wire.

AbleMaew’s Facebook page shared that a cat named Able went through a traumatic experience of getting an electric shock, which caused him to lose his tail and suffer severe injuries in his rectum. The vet had to amputate his front legs due to the extent of the injury. It took Able some time after the surgery to walk again, and he even required support from his forehead to move around initially.

The Facebook page known as AbleMaew has become a go-to destination for animal enthusiasts. This delightful page charts the inspiring journey of Able, who overcame a difficult disability and can now walk like a T. rex! His incredible walk has captured the hearts of many, and people are fascinated by his daily routine, particularly how he manages to navigate stairs. Besides Able’s impressive journey, this page also features sponsored content highlighting gorgeous handcrafted stained glass birds that can elevate any room’s decor. Furthermore, Able’s owner reveals that he loves spending time with his adopted sister, Fifi, and indulging in tasty treats.

AbleMaew has a Facebook account where he shares his passion for birds which never fades. Despite the fact that he’s no longer able to catch them, he still finds happiness by simply observing them from his window.

On the Facebook page of AbleMaew, there is a promotional message that states, “As per his owner, AbleMaew takes pleasure in watching programs about birds on National Geographic TV during his free time.”

According to his owner, Able is a very docile cat and never bites anyone. It’s anticipated that Able will become a source of motivation for many individuals, who will hold him dear to their hearts.

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