“Heroic Pooch Defends Two Young Girls from Puma Attack, Risking Its Own Life”

Introducing Morocho, the courageous Dogo who triumphed over a Puma in order to protect two precious girls. This heroic dog bravely fought against the wild cat to save the lives of the children.

Some time back, Ulises, who happens to be the grandson of Dr. Nores Martines, set out for La Cocha to carry out some tasks. Accompanying him on his trip was his 10-year-old daughter, Sofa. The plan was to finish the tasks and return on the same day, and the trip went smoothly. Upon reaching the estancia, Ulises started working with Tomas, the foreman, while Sofa and Yoli (Tomas’s daughter) asked if they could walk to a massive fig tree located about 700 yards away from the main house to pick and eat some figs. Yoli climbed up the tree to get to the top branch where the juiciest figs are found, but she soon realized that she wasn’t alone up there. As she reached the seven-foot mark, she started hearing strange sounds such as branches twisting and leaves rustling.

Unaware of the puma’s presence, also known as a mountain lion or cougar, she was startled when a large one leaped down from the tree. The animal hit the youngster with its paw, causing her to fall from a height of two meters and land on her back.

As Ulises and his companions traversed the estancia, Morocho, one of their beloved Dogo Argentinos, happily trailed behind them with his tail wagging, as he always does. However, when the young girls in their group began to cry out in distress, Yoli’s father quickly sprang into action. In a flash, Morocho bravely confronted a puma, facing it head-on and risking his life to protect the two children. “Initially, I thought it was just a snake,” explained Tomas Bracamonte. “But when I heard the girls, I hurried over as quickly as I could.”

Upon his arrival, he stumbled upon Morocho who had sustained severe injuries but was still breathing. Meanwhile, Puma fled from our sight. The incredible feat that Morocho accomplished astounded people worldwide and is credited with saving the lives of two young girls. We must always be grateful for our furry companions who watch over us like angels sent from above. Let’s spread this remarkable story by sharing it with our friends!

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