Heartbroken Mother Finds Her Emaciated Dog, 24 Months After Being Taken.

A stray dog with severe mange was found by a shelter. Despite having beautiful blue eyes, the dog looked hopeless and dirty due to living on the streets. The shelter used Facebook to share his photo, hoping someone would give him a chance.

As pictures of a sad dog circulated online, a lady reached out to the shelter claiming that the dog resembled her pet who was stolen two years ago from her backyard. The shelter invited her to visit the dog and see if they recognized each other. In a heartwarming video, the woman approaches the dog who seems scared at first but then remembers its mother’s scent and face.

With his paws stretched out, the dog stands up to gaze at her face more closely. He immediately recognizes her and starts showering her with kisses and licks all over! The mother, too, can’t hold back her emotions and breaks down crying while holding onto her grieving child, Lord.

The reunion of Lord with his mom left us all in tears due to the intense emotions it evoked. We are indebted to the shelter and everyone who helped Lord reunite with his mother by sharing his photo and providing assistance. Check out the video below to witness the wonderful and incredible reunion after two long years. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with your loved ones.

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