“From Rejection to Affection: The Heartwarming Tale of A Lap Cat Finding His Forever Home”

Jacque simply craved for a comfy spot to relax on but was met with disappointment as he was dismissed for being too clingy. He was merely three years old when his previous owner abandoned him at Michigan Cat Rescue, citing that the ginger feline always demanded her attention.

According to Michigan Cat Rescue, this feline only desired a comfortable lap to snuggle on. However, his owner no longer wished to have him around. This resulted in the cat being abandoned after a year of companionship. The orange tabby was disoriented by the unexpected shift in his environment, but upon receiving the opportunity to cuddle up on a cozy lap once more, he immediately resumed his contented purring.

The individuals at the rescue were resolute in their efforts to locate a loving and nurturing home for the affectionate feline. Love Meow was informed that this was an exceptional cat who merely required a suitable abode and a fresh start. Nancy, a representative of Michigan Cat Rescue, expressed her enthusiasm for finding him a permanent home.

The Facebook page was used to share Jacque’s story and search for a suitable home for him. The response was overwhelming, with numerous adoption applications being received. It was surprising to many that such a lovable cat like Jacque was once considered unwanted. Despite the sadness of losing his previous home, people were happy that he now had the opportunity to find a loving forever home with someone to cuddle with, as commented by Siobhan on the page.

Abby expressed her desire for a lapcat and stated that she will submit her application for him. Brandy complimented the cat’s attractiveness and wondered who wouldn’t want a lapcat. Cathy described her excitement for a giant orange cat that loves sitting on laps, considering it a dream come true.

The social media post garnered over 1,200 comments and 2,600 likes, with many people rooting for Jacque to find a loving family that would shower him with affection. Liz stumbled upon Jacque’s story and was immediately drawn to him as a potential new addition to her family. After submitting an application, Liz was thrilled to receive the exciting news just a few weeks later.

Accompanied by her loved ones, she headed to the animal rescue center to finally meet their adorable ginger cat. As soon as they saw him, they were immediately captivated by his charm. Jacque quickly made himself comfortable on his new human dad’s lap and cuddled up, purring contentedly. It was evident that he sensed they were there to bring him to his forever home.

According to Michigan Cat Rescue, Jacque has found his permanent home with Liz and her family. The rescue center expressed its happiness for the feline, who is adored and pampered by his new family. Jacque has already acclimatized himself to his new surroundings and wasted no time in snuggling up on a cozy lap, which is one of his favorite things to do.

Liz expressed how happy they were with their new furry family member, who has been doing great. They have another pet dog who is slightly older and the two have formed a close bond. Even their grandchildren have met the new addition and their youngest grandchild, who is turning three soon, enjoys petting and cuddling with him while affectionately calling him Joe.

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