From Near-Death to a Stunning Transformation: Tiggy’s Incredible Recovery as the ‘Worst Pet Case in 15 Years’

A couple who were ill have received punishment for intentionally starving their Lurcher dog to death, which is considered one of the most appalling cases of animal cruelty that investigators have encountered. The culprits, Kerry Patterson and Reece Milburn, aged 35 and 30 respectively, falsely claimed that they found Tiggy, a three-year-old Lurcher dog, abandoned on the side of the road and informed their local council about it.

When an animal protection officer paid a visit to their residence in Blyth, Northumberland, he was appalled by the state of their pet. In fact, he claimed that it was the worst case he had witnessed in his fifteen-year career. The poor creature in question, Tiggy, was captured on camera with barely any fur on her body and her ribs visibly sticking out due to her emaciated state.

Tiggy, the poor dog, was not only weak but also dehydrated, had rashes and mites all over her body, and was unable to stand. Her pictures went viral soon after she was found just a few days before Christmas in 2019. As a result, Northumberland County Council appealed for help in finding her owners.

After a few days, the council was flooded with numerous letters claiming that Tiggy belonged to Patterson and Milburn. On March 3, Thursday, the couple admitted to causing unnecessary harm to a protected species and failing to take care of their Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Their other dog, Enzo, has a skin condition and is infested with mites.

The pair received a 12-week prison sentence, a lifetime ban on owning or caring for animals, and were ordered to pay a £120 victim fee each. The county council spokesperson described it as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they had ever seen. The council’s animal welfare team worked tirelessly to investigate the neglect and abuse of Tiggy. Although it took two years, justice was finally served in court. The lawyer expressed satisfaction with the result.

Thanks to the dedication and effort of the staff at Berwick Animal Rescue Centre, Tiggy’s story has a joyful ending. She is now full of vitality and joy, enjoying a brand new life in a loving home accompanied by her furry companions, and undergoing a name change as well.

Enzo, the other dog owned by the couple, is currently residing in a kennel and is eagerly awaiting a loving family to provide him with a forever home.

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