From Heartless Abandonment to Forever Love: The Inspiring Story of a Disabled Dog’s Resilience.

A kind-hearted person found a paralyzed dog, but unfortunately, the poor pup was abandoned in the street not once, but twice in a single day by its heartless owners. The little dog, who goes by the name Tintin, was filmed being left behind by a woman before being taken back to his family. However, the woman’s husband later left the dog stranded again. Adding to his misery, Tintin only has one functioning front leg, while the other is missing. It’s a heartbreaking situation for this innocent creature.

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, specifically in the city of Sao Leopoldo, a man was cruelly abandoned. A video capturing the incident was shared on Facebook and has since garnered more than 220,000 views and numerous comments.

As the vehicle pulls off to the side of the street, a woman driver can be spotted unlocking the door at the back. Two dogs jump out eagerly as soon as she unlocks it. The black dog was encouraged by the lady to get back into the rear seat while the crippled dog was pushed away harshly. Tintin seems to be struggling to catch up with the lady as she zooms off in her car.

As per reports from the local media, the poor dog had to face abandonment twice on the same day. First, it was sent back to its family, only to be returned again. To make matters worse, the woman’s husband then took the dog to another location and left it there by itself. Despite its disability (missing one leg), the brave pooch was ultimately rescued and is now under the care of animal protection organizations.

After the video was shared on social media, over 30 people stepped up to offer a home to the dog who was born with certain challenges.

In the meantime, the authorities in the vicinity seem to be investigating the desertion of the creature.

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