“Crawling with Hunger and Shivers: A Story of Mange-Ridden Struggle”

Meet Ayla, an adorable little pup who was discovered by Krista at just 2.5 months old. Unfortunately, Ayla had been through a great deal of pain and suffering before being found. She was emaciated, suffering from mange, and trembling as she crawled along the ground.

Krista brought Ayla to the vet and unfortunately, the clinic check revealed that her overall health was not good. It was suspected that Ayla had ingested a stone, which is yet another indication of her calcium deficiency. Due to this deficiency, malformation occurred in her front legs, causing her to crawl on the ground and resulting in continuous abrasions and injuries.

Ayla is under medical care in the hospital and receiving all necessary treatments for her recovery. The healing process could take up to 90 days with attentive attention. However, the great news is that Little Steps has ensured her safety.

Thankfully, the X-ray examinations showed no signs of any broken bones in Ayla’s body, which is definitely a positive sign towards her eventual recovery and being able to walk again.

Ayla was treated to some sunbathing and nourishment, which made her considerably happier despite her persistent itching from mange. Undoubtedly, Ayla is one of the most cooperative patients.

The following day, Ayla underwent a blood test and thankfully, the results revealed that she did not suffer from any major health issues apart from mange and malnourishment. To aid in her recovery, Ayla was prescribed calcium supplements and a bandage to alleviate her deformities.

I am so happy to see our little one enjoying some quality time with Ayla, the most cheerful and joyful puppy ever. It’s such a pleasure to watch her play with energy and enthusiasm, just like a puppy should. Her latest favorite is a cute little ball that helps motivate her to take those first steps. Seeing her so content brings pure joy to my heart.

Ayla is required to keep the bandage on for approximately seven days.

Hey Ayla, let’s team up and fight this battle together. We’ve got your back, and we’re rooting for your story to spread like wildfire.

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