Canine Matriarch Defies Poisoning to Protect Her Offspring: A Heartfelt Tale of Maternal Love and Courage

Luna, a mother dog who had just given birth to 6 puppies, fell victim to a heinous act when someone placed poisoned food under a car while she was searching for food. Sadly, Luna consumed the poisoned food and became trapped. Lucky for her, a young child discovered her in her dire state and called the Prishtina Dog Shelter. Upon their arrival, Luna was struggling to breathe but continued to fight for her life, hoping to save her precious puppies. Thankfully, an emergency injection from the volunteer veterinarian saved her life.

Come check out this heartwarming story! A mama dog was brought to the Prishtina Dog Sanctuary and was overjoyed to be reunited with her puppies. It’s a must-read for all animal lovers!

The following day arrived and Luna was all set to receive her initial injections, a crucial step for ensuring the good health and well-being of both her and her litter. Although she felt a little anxious, she remained a charming and composed dog throughout the procedure. Despite feeling a bit drained and in need of some rest, Luna was doing well overall.

The following day, the veterinarian examined Luna and found that she and her puppies were doing well. The puppies were not yet ready for adoption, as they were still too young. Luna was delighted to see her litter and behaved in a very friendly manner. It was evident that she was not a stray dog abandoned at the location.

There are some lovely scenes to behold here. Meet Nikita and Luna, two parentless kittens who were deserted and discovered just one day before Luna. Luna takes them under her wing and allows them to feed, despite not being related. She’s such a kind-hearted mother! The best part is that Luna and her offspring have all been adopted and will now have a permanent home after only spending ten days in the shelter. Luna deserves a loving family in Los Angeles.

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