“Canine Courage: The Inspiring Story of a Brave Dog Who Fought a Mountain Lion and Saved His Family”

Many rescue organizations have received countless warnings and grievances regarding the existence of dog farms in China. These farms are known for breeding puppies that are either abandoned on the streets or raised to be sent off to slaughterhouses. As a result, various groups have been able to profit by selling their meat.

Every year, several rescue efforts are conducted to save animals, but many still end up getting harmed. Among these animals is Angel, a mixed breed dog with Belgian Shepherd ancestry. Angel was among a group of animals being taken to a butcher in Changchun when a team of activists intervened and rescued them. Despite her injuries, Angel looked lovely and appeared happy to be in a secure environment.

After a period of time, Hollie Cornes welcomed Angel into her home and gave her a fresh start in life. Hollie’s previous experience in training military dogs came in handy in taking care of Angel’s needs. However, upon meeting Angel, Hollie was appalled at the damage inflicted on such an innocent creature. Hollie began sharing pictures of Angel on social media, and soon enough, Angel gained a following of supporters willing to assist her.

Angel appeared to be leading a comfortable life, but he was experiencing difficulty in breathing. Hollie adopted him after he had undergone surgery in Beijing, but Angel encountered several issues during his journey.

His nose issue was quite serious and required an expensive fix. The pooch needed to undergo a tomography that would cost almost $3,000.

Hollie expressed her surprise when a woman on Instagram quickly provided the funds. Tests revealed that Angel’s breathing was limited to one nostril due to scar tissue misplacement.

Hollie believed that Angel’s well-being was more important than personal preferences. Angel had a tiny hole to breathe through, measuring only 2 millimeters, and her daily life was severely affected by the constant bleeding from her wound.

According to Hollie, they didn’t have any other option but to opt for surgery once they understood the severity of the breathing issue. The charming pooch managed to raise the required funds through a GoFundMe drive. Her turbulent past has affected a vast number of individuals, and hence, everyone decided to contribute a small amount to ensure she leads a comfortable life and can enjoy her mother’s outings to the fullest.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing transformation that has happened in Angel’s life. It’s wonderful to see a pup have a happy ending like this. Let’s spread the word and share this heartwarming story!

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