“Against all Odds: Resilient Pitbull Overcomes Severe Burns and Finds Joy in Life”

Justice, the Pit Bull, may not fit the typical dog stereotype, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Unfortunately, Justice had a rough start to life because of mistreatment and abandonment, but he found his way to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter where he received the love and respect that every dog deserves. Despite his difficult past, Justice is thriving and enjoying life, though he wishes that those who hurt him would be held accountable for their actions.

In 2018, a miraculous discovery was made in the streets of Indiana. A young dog named Justice, who was approximately two years old, was found to have suffered from severe chemical burns that seemed to be inflicted intentionally. Despite surviving, Justice was left to live on his own for a short period of time. Fortunately, a group of compassionate individuals provided him with the necessary medical attention he needed. Initially, Justice required bandages and extensive care. However, over time, his skin began to heal, and some of his fur started to grow back. Although he may never look the same as he did before the incident, the shelter staff adores him for who he is. It is heartwarming to know that others feel the same way about Justice as well.

According to veterinarian Jessica Lynch, Justice was initially extremely unhappy. However, he has made a significant transformation since then and now possesses a more vibrant personality. He is currently a happy and spirited little dog.

Justice was provided with medical treatment and training for approximately one year before being made available for adoption. Numerous individuals from distant locations had already expressed interest in adopting him. Unfortunately, due to the vet team’s desire to be on hand in case Justice required additional care, the shelter could only accept applications from people living within a 100-mile radius.

Justice settled into his new home with ease and has been living a happy life since then. His adoptive parents regularly share updates about him on the shelter’s social media platform, where he has gained a significant following. Despite the hardships he faced in the past, Justice is now relishing his new life.

It was a challenging task to train Justice due to his troubled past. He exhibited stubbornness and was reluctant to follow commands. To address this, he underwent rigorous training with an excellent dog trainer named Lexi for over a year. As they spent more time together, Justice developed feelings for Lexi, which helped him become more cooperative. According to Lexi, Justice has one more session left with her before completing his training.
Justice is gradually settling into his new home. He now shows more affection towards his parents than before, and even seeks belly rubs from them. Though it may seem trivial, rolling over is a vulnerable position for most dogs. By allowing someone to rub his belly, Justice demonstrates his trust in humans and a belief that he won’t endure any more pain under their care.

The shelter has been working hard to find the person who abused Justice and offer them justice. They started with a $5,000 reward which has now increased to $20,000. Although there are still unresolved cases, the shelter has received several anonymous tips that have brought them closer to finding the perpetrator. They managed to locate Justice’s previous owner who went by the name “Roscoe” but unfortunately not enough evidence has been found to convict anyone for this cruel act. It is unclear whether the person who claimed to have given Justice away before the incident is telling the truth or not.

If you possess any knowledge regarding Justice’s situation, kindly get in touch with the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. It is imperative to bring the perpetrator responsible for the harm done to him to justice as soon as possible.

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