Abandoned on a Busy Highway, but She Refused to Give Up Hope for Her Owner’s Return

She maneuvered her way from the middle of the bustling street to the edge. From the clues, it appeared that she had been ejected from a vehicle. Despite the countless individuals who passed by, not a soul took notice of her plight. She bided her time until a compassionate passerby finally arrived to lend a hand.

She was filled with fear and couldn’t comprehend the reason for her presence there. It seemed like she was searching for the person who had forced her out. Thankfully, there were no signs of any broken bones or dislocated joints.

Her hip had been broken and treated in the past, while her blood test shows some abnormalities. However, her liver and kidney function as well as triple test outcomes are within the standard range.

She underwent a complete hair removal process and received a thorough cleansing using specialized shampoo.

After regaining her composure, she placed her trust in those who came to her rescue. Miraculously, she has made a full recovery and is now able to walk on her own. Words cannot express enough gratitude for all the aid and contributions that were made towards saving her life.

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