“Abandoned Kitten Seeks Loving Care and Nourishment by the Trash Can”

Meet Stoyan and Dessy, a couple from Bulgaria who share a passion for rescuing stray cats. They dedicate their time to scouting local areas in search of these feline friends, with the hope of one day establishing a shelter to expand their care program. All expenses for these cats, including food and medical care, come out of their own pockets or through contributions from their supportive YouTube audience. In one of their videos, they came across a scared and hungry ginger kitten by the garbage cans.

In a flash, Stoyan rushed back to their place to grab some grub and a carrier for the cute kitten. Meanwhile, Dessy kept a watchful eye on the kitty, who was in a dreadful setting for such a tiny creature. With numerous dogs and a busy road just close by, it was not the best place for her.
They offered her some food and allowed her to acclimate to their presence, considering that she might have never been near humans before. After that, they scooped her up and took her home with them.

Upon her return home, the two feline companions Sopolcho and Bagheera warmly welcomed her. However, the little cat was still shaking with fear and required additional care. Gradually, she began to feel safe and content, purring as she received the attention she so desperately needed. It seemed evident that she had been deprived of food for quite some time and was relishing the nourishment provided.

Stoyan and Dessy happened to be passing by the street at the ideal moment, and it was impossible for them to abandon her.

It’s truly saddening to witness animals being abandoned and left to survive on their own, particularly when they’re still young. I pray that the little feline found someone who will provide her with the care she needs and shower her with the love and affection she deserves.

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